Malaria: the dramatic failure of mass drug administration

Echec des ACT contre la malaria

Against the malaria pandemia mass drug administration (MDA) of chloroquine, methylene blue, atabrine, pyrimethamine, mefloquine… was a component of many programs during the eradication era. It is far from a success story. The failure of chloroquine MDA is well known. Twenty years ago all these drugs were replaced by ACTs (artemisinin combined therapy). R D Powell, and C W D Tigertt. Drug Resistance of Parasites Causing Human Malaria. Annual Review of Medicine. Vol. 19: 81-102 (Volume publication date February 1968) DOI:...

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Artemisia, dietary fibers and diabetes

polysaccharides, diabetes

Kansango C, Gisenya P, Lutgen P. 28 Dec 2021 The exhaustive analysis of Artemisia annua plants by J.F. Ferreira in 2009 has shown a result which is often neglected : stems contain 20x more starch than leaves. Leaves and inflorescences had the highest percentage of protein, crude fat and in vitro digestible fractions, but the lowest levels of detergent fibres. E Brisibe, Umoren E. Umoren, F Brisibe, P Magalhäes, J. Ferreira, Nutritional characterisation and antioxidant capacity of different tissues of Artemisia annua. Food Chemistry....

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Artemisia afra, luteolin, diabetes

Artemisia afra cures diabetes

A few years ago, whilst running the clinical trials against malaria and bilharzia with Artemisia plants in Maniema, RDCongo, Dr. Jerome Munyangi noticed that these plants had cured or alleviated the diabetes of several patients. Munyangi J, Idumbo M, Mupenda B, Lutgen P. Five case reports on treatment of diabetes by Artemisia annua and Artemisia afra herbal tea. Pharm Pharmacol. Int J. 2020; 8(2):79‒85. DOI: 10.15406/ppij.2020.08.00283 This finding was recently confirmed by a case study in Burundi (see annex 1). In the PPIJ paper of...

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Notre partenaire à Ijenda

Soeur Adele de l'ordre des Annonciades

Notre partenaire à Ijenda
Fait des merveilles contre la tuberculose et le diabète avec Artemisia afra

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Artemisia afra guérit la tuberculose sans rechute

Healafrica entdeckt Artemisia afra gegen TB

Early this year we published the results of 15 case studies. In 2020 15 patients infected by tuberculosis had been cured after 3 weeks of administration of Artemisia afra infusions, alone or in combination with the WHO prescribed drugs. Daddy B, Lutgen P, Gisenya P. Breakthrough against tuberculosis: high efficacy of Artemisia afra infusions. Pharm Pharmacol Int J. 2021;9(2):58‒62. Meanwhile in several countries of the Great Lakes, the tuberculosis of some 30 additional patients has been cured, mostly by Artemisia afra alone. We...

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