Covid, immunoglobulins, malaria and Artemisia

Malaria schützt gegen Covid

Congratulations for Jerome Munyangi who with other Africans run the successful large scale double blind clinical trials in RDC against malaria and bilharzia, confirming previous smaller clinical trials run in other countries by African medical teams. Everybody wants to find Artemisia now for infusions against Covid and Malaria. Several of our partners in Africa are confronted with a stockout. Several newspapers or blogs confirm that malaria endemic regions are virtually Covid free. They relate this to malaria drugs. We rather are of the...

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Les Indonesiens s'interessent à Artemisia et Iwwerliewen

Meeting with ministerial delegation at Utrecht

Les Indonesiens s'interessent à Artemisia et Iwwerliewen
Les Indonésiens veulent construire une nouvelle capitale parce que gérer le pays à partir de la mégapole Djakarta devient presque impossible. C’est une connaissance indonésienne avec qui nous avons des relations depuis dix ans qui nous a contactés pour voir si nous pouvions venir pour une rencontre avec une délégation indonésienne à Utrecht le 27 janvier. Voici un extrait de l’invitation: “Minister Suharso Monoarfa and his delegation would be pleased to receive further insights from you on possible options to avoid...

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Artemisia soulage et guérit le diabète

Artemisia afra hilft bei Diabetes

WHO forecasts an alarming increase of diabetes in Africa, from 7 020 000 cases in 2000 to 18 234 000 cases in 2030, with a high death toll if no efficient and affordable cure is found. While using Artemisia annua and Artemisia afra infusions for therapy and prophylaxis against malaria, a team of African doctors noticed that several patients who simultaneously suffered from diabetes saw their clinical signs alleviated. They followed up on 5 cases, prolongating the standard 7 days antimalarial treatment to several weeks. The 5 patients were...

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Revolting: Artemisia plantations destroyed by police in Cameroon

Neokoloniale Barbarei

Revolting: Artemisia plantations destroyed by police in Cameroon
Received from Irene Teis. Since 15 years, the Université des Montagnes is at the forefront of research and clinical trials demonstrating the astonishing efficacy of Artemisia plants against malaria. The local population of Cameroon has become enthusiastic about this cheap and efficient weapon against the malaria scourge. Despite the billions invested in bednets and drugs by Bill Gates, Bigpharma, WHO and France the disease has seen a dramatic increase in Cameroon over the recent years. This was recognized by the French ambassador at a...

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Première du film The Fever à Leipzig

Zeigt die Schandtaten von Bigpharma, WHO und Bill Gates

Première du film The Fever à Leipzig
Lors de la première du film The Fever à Leipzig il devenait évident que le glas (« Totenglocke ») a sonné pour le néocolonialisme médical, responsable d’un génocide. Les Africains ont maintenant pris en main la lutte contre les maladies tropicales. &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& THE FEVER A film by Katharina Weingartner One dead child every minute – this stark equation is the toll that Malaria is still taking in Africa. The parasite Plasmodium falciparum is transmitted by mosquitoes and mostly finds its victims...

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