Revolting: Artemisia plantations destroyed by police in Cameroon

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Received from Irene Teis. Since 15 years, the Université des Montagnes is at the forefront of research and clinical trials demonstrating the astonishing efficacy of Artemisia plants against malaria. The local population of Cameroon has become enthusiastic about this cheap and efficient weapon against the malaria scourge. Despite the billions invested in bednets and drugs the disease has seen a dramatic increase in Cameroon over the recent years. This was recognized by the French ambassador at a meeting at the Hilton-Yaoundé on April 17th 2019. Artemisia plantations are spreading like a bushfire all over Cameroon, under the vigilant eye of universities and local organizations who avoid that the plant is improperly cultivated, handled and used.

This of course is a big threat for the revenues of Big Pharma as shown by the films Malaria Business (Bernard Crutzen) and The Fever (Katharina Weingartner). It is thus not surprising that the career and life of African medical doctors are endangered. Several cases of murder or attempted murder have become known recently. It is also discouraging for them that their research and numerous clinical trials are ignored or depreciated by the medical neocolonialism.

In Cameroon a new weapon was launched last week: send the police out to destroy several acres of Artemisia plantations at Bangangte as well as those in local school gardens. Shame on the perpetrators and on those who paid for this crime

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